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Prunia is a paraphrase of the word Prunes and very close to the Italian “Prugna” meaning Plum.

For us it is also an imaginative world where the air is filled with the mesmerising aroma from freshly baked prunes under the Summer sun of our small island, Skopelos.

Plums & Prunes !

To be a bit more specific Prunia Plum & Herb liqueur has alcohol made mainly by fermentation of grains and fruits and water infused with Plums and Skopelos Prunes plus a few secret herbs to give our liqueur a small twist.

Prunia can be found in a number of specialty shops and super markets in Skopelos island, in Skiathos and Athens.

We hope that in the next months you may find it in more places in Greece and hopefully soon in Europe.

Currently we only do wholesale. So, If you are interested to buy for your business please contact us. Alternatively we will divert you to one of our retailers.

Yes, we can send Prunia everywhere within Europe, provided that the alcohol taxes are paid for.

We regret that we currently only do wholesale. We hope that we will soon have an agent in France.

Yes. Prunia is available all year round. We bottle in small batches but it is always available.

One carton containing 9 X 500ml bottles is the minimum quantity that we will send you.

As of Summer 2018 you may also find Prunia in 100ml bottles which you may take on board your flight. This came as a growing demand as our esteemed clients wanted to gift Prunia with friends back home.

Prunia is produced in one of the oldest distilleries in Greece operating since the end of 19th century with a long tradition in fine spirit making.

This is what makes up the core or what we want to refer to as the heart of Prunia.

Every season we carefully select the best fragrant Prunes and ship them to our distiller where he treats them as gold bringing out the distinctive aromas, preserving them in our liqueur.

Yes there is! This is our queen of the island and for all of us working to make Prunia known to the world. There is no actual queen in Skopelos so the title is more to express how we feel for our liqueur.

Well, provided that you are at legal drinking age and that you drink responsively, you may enjoy Prunia before or after a meal or in a fruity cocktail at dusk or at a night out. Everyone will eventually find their own best time.

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