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Who We Are

A passionate small group that emphasises to make the best ever Plum liqueur with the distinction of using Plums and Prunes from Skopelos, a small Greek island with a long tradition in small scale but delicious produce. The recipe is simple, find the best ingredients, send them to the distiller, record the process, bottle it and make our liqueur available to you.

Based on Plums + Prunes + Herbs

Can one capture the Sun?

We think we can, in what we call the “core” of our liqueur, which is no other that delicious Skopelos Plums.

The story

Not very long ago, in a warm Spring day and while gazing the long turquoise sea through the fully blossomed plum trees on the Greek island of Skopelos, a small Aegean Archipelago jewel, Gerasimos, the founder of Prunia Plum & Herb liqueur, had a revelation as to how to enhance this feeling of balance and internal joy that he felt with the magnificent nature surrounding him when he is away from the island or during the dark cold hours of Winter.

This vision and the long tradition of exceptionally rich and smoky Prune production of Skopelos that dates from the early 1900’s led to the creation of a smooth, deep amber, rich Plum liqueur that bring you notes of ripe plum fruit,  caramel, mountain tea, sage, thyme and strawberries and raisins.

Made with love and respect to traditional craftsmanship, balancing our vision with our senses, Prunia Plum & Herb liqueur will carry you to your personal memory of fulfilment from the first drop.

The journey is challenging but wonderful

From plums


To bottle

To pleasure

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